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2022-2023 Senior District Vocal Audition Information

Solo: "I Know a Young Maiden" by Orlando de Lassus

Published by Schirmer

Available for purchase through JW Pepper

Students will sing their vocal part (S, A, T or B) along with the recording without that voice part included. Students should be able to sing comfortably and with the appropriate range and tone quality for the chosen voice part as follows:

  • Soprano: C4 (middle C) to C6

  • Alto: F3 or A3 to A5

  • Tenor: B2 to A4

  • Bass: E2 or G2 to F4

Sight Reading will be returning as we return to in-person auditions.

The sight reading excerpts will meet these criteria:


  • It will be in a comfortable range for each voice part.

  • It will be in a major key, in 4/4 time.

  • It will begin and end on the tonic.

  • It will consist of scalar motion and triadic leaps.

  • Rhythms may include whole, half, quarter and eighth notes, as well as dotted quarter/eighth combinations.   

Here are samples of comparable difficulty.

Students will be given the starting pitch and time to look at the example. All methods of sight singing are acceptable (solfege, numbers, neutral syllable, etc.).

Scales: Students will be asked to sing one major scale (ascending and descending, repeating the top 'do') in the following keys: 

  • Soprano: F

  • Alto: A

  • Tenor: F 

  • Bass: A


There are no double voice auditions (e.g., trying out as soprano and alto). Additionally, no more than ten sopranos or altos may audition per school.

If you have any other questions, contact Colleen Grady at

I Know a Young Maiden SATB - MMEA-WD
I Know a Young Maiden ATB - MMEA-WD
I Know a Young Maiden STB - MMEA-WD
I Know a Young Maiden SAB - MMEA-WD
I Know a Young Maiden SAT - MMEA-WD
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