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Contact information is provided for use by music educators. Parents and students should contact the student’s music director for all questions regarding audition materials, procedures and scheduling.

Executive Board Contact Information


Ashley Paradis

Past Chairperson



Chairperson Elect

Richard Cuoco





Richard Cuoco

Senior Auditions Coordinator

Kirsten Peirce

Junior Auditions Coordinator

Rachel Rivard

Festival Committee Chair

Kirsten Peirce


WW/Perc/Brass Coordinator

Zachary Scherpa

Choral Coordinator

Colleen Grady


Festival Percussion Coordinator

Jacob Nichols

String Coordinator

Arthur Thovmasian

Jazz Coordinator

Patrick Kennedy

Classroom Coordinator/Outreach

Heather Krasner

Band & Jazz Band Librarian

Ryan Caster

Orchestra Librarian

Arthur Thovmasian

Choir Librarian

Mark Todd

Scholarship Chairperson

Arthur Thovmasian


Festival Program Coordinator



Publicity Chair

Corrina Smith

Website Coordinator

Todd Fruth

2022-2023 Festival Managers

Senior Band Manager

Dave Morris

Senior Orchestra Manager

Jacob Nichols


Senior Jazz Manager

David Kerr


Senior Chorus Manager

Scott Halligan

Junior Band Manager

Ken Michna


Junior Orchestra Manager

Tyshaun Davis


Junior Jazz Manager

Ryan Emken


Junior Chorus Manager

Heather Krasner

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